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Terms of Service

Rage Room & Paint Splatter

Our Terms of Service

Outrage Rage Room Terms of Service

Outrage Rage Room is a controlled environment where participants can safely break objects in a cathartic and stress-relieving way. By using Outrage Rage Room, you agree to the following terms of service:


  • Participants: “Participants” are individuals engaging in activities within the premises of Rage & Paint | Outrage Rage Room. Those with heart conditions, pregnancy, or other medical conditions should consult a healthcare provider before participating. Uncertainty due to medical or physical limitations requires seeking professional medical advice.
  • Age Regulations: Participants aged 13-15 must be accompanied by an adult. Participants aged 16-17 require parental consent. Participants aged 18 and above can participate independently. All ages are welcome in the paint splatter room.
  • Tools: “Tools” encompass items provided by Rage & Paint | Outrage Rage Room, including baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers, etc., intended for smashing items in the Rage Room safely.
  • Sessions: “Sessions” refer to the duration participants have paid for, typically lasting 15-30 minutes. Additional time can be purchased.
  • Personal Items: “Personal Items” include belongings brought into the Facility by participants, like cell phones, bags, and personal effects.
  • Horseplay: “Horseplay” involves rough or unruly behavior that compromises safety within the Facility, extending beyond the intended activities of the experiences.
  • Parental Consent: “Parental Consent” is formal approval granted by a parent/guardian for participants aged 16 or 17 to engage in the Rage Room activity.
  • Safety Gear: “Safety Gear” refers to protective equipment supplied by Rage & Paint | Outrage Rage Room, to be worn by participants for safety during the experiences.
  • Designated Areas: “Designated Areas” are specific sections within the Rage Room marked for smashing. Participants focus on these corners to minimize accidental impacts.
  • Consultation: “Consultation” denotes a discussion following safety rule violations, disruptive behavior, or other concerns, aiming to determine appropriate action.
  • Cancellation: “Cancellation” is the discontinuation of a participant’s session due to rule violations, disruptive conduct, or determined circumstances.
  • Videotaping: “Videotaping” is the recording of video footage within the Facility for safety and security purposes.

Age Restrictions: Participants of any age can enjoy a splatter paint room or party. However, to participate in the rage room where dangerous smashing occurs, the minimum age is 13 years old. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver and release of liability form. 18+ is can sign themselves.

Permissions and Restrictions:


  • Participation: By engaging in activities within the premises of Rage & Paint | Outrage Rage Room, participants grant permission to experience the designated activities as outlined.
  • Use of Tools: Participants are permitted to use the provided tools, such as baseball bats, golf clubs, and hammers, within the designated areas for the intended smashing activities.
  • Safety Gear: Participants are required to use the provided safety gear during the experiences to ensure personal safety.
  • Personal Items: Participants may bring personal items into the Facility, understanding that Rage & Paint | Outrage Rage Room is not responsible for any loss or damage to these items.
  • Videotaping: Participants consent to being recorded through video surveillance within the Facility for the purposes of safety and security.


  • Age Restrictions: Participants must adhere to the age regulations specified. Those under 13 are not permitted in the Rage Room.
  • Health Conditions: Individuals with heart conditions, pregnancy, or other medical impairments must not participate without prior consultation with a healthcare provider.
  • Horseplay: Horseplay, including any rough or unruly behavior, is strictly prohibited within the Facility to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • Designated Areas: Participants are required to focus their smashing actions within the marked designated areas, refraining from hitting walls, tables, or other non-designated spaces.
  • Rules Violation: Violation of any safety rules, disruptive behavior, or disregard for staff instructions may result in consultation or session cancellation.
  • Personal Items: Participants are responsible for their personal items and should refrain from bringing valuable or fragile items into the Facility.
  • Food and Drink: Food and drink are prohibited within the Rage Room to maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • Cell Phones: Participants are advised not to use cell phones within the designated areas to avoid potential damage or distraction.

Waiver and Release of Liability: By participating in Outrage Rage Room, you acknowledge the dangerous nature of smashing glass and other objects and understand the potential risks involved. You agree to sign a waiver and release of liability form, waiving your right to sue Outrage Rage Room for any injuries or damages that you may sustain while using the rage room. You also agree to hold Outrage Rage Room harmless from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in any way connected with your participation in Outrage Rage Room.

Payment Terms: Payment is due at booking or over the phone.

Refund Policy:

  • Cancellation Notice: To be eligible for a refund, cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date. Full refunds cannot be offered for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance.
  • Non-Returnable Items: Gift certificates are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • Refund Processing: If approved, refunds will be processed and credited to the original method of payment within 7-14 days.
  • Refund Delays: If you haven’t received a refund within the expected timeframe, please follow the steps outlined in the original text, and if necessary, contact us at

Termination Conditions: Outrage Rage Room LLC may terminate service for reasons including, but not limited to, failure to comply with safety guidelines, late or incomplete payment, intoxication or substance abuse, minors without consent, misconduct or harassment, overbooking or scheduling conflicts, damage to property beyond agreed terms, violation of specific rules or restrictions, legal or regulatory reasons, health and safety concerns, false information, or failure to comply with the rage room’s specific cancellation or rescheduling policy.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Communication and Resolution Attempts: We encourage participants to openly communicate any concerns they may have about their experience at Rage & Paint | Outrage Rage Room. Our team will diligently work to resolve disputes through direct dialogue and negotiation.
  • Ohio Consumer Laws: We operate in compliance with applicable Ohio consumer protection laws. These laws outline rights and responsibilities for both participants and service providers, helping to ensure fairness and transparency.
  • Refund Policy and Cancellation: Disputes that lead to cancellations or refunds will be addressed in accordance with our established Refund Policy, aligned with Ohio legal requirements.
  • Small Claims Court: If disputes cannot be resolved through direct communication, participants have the option to file a claim in a small claims court. Ohio’s small claims court provides a venue for individuals to seek resolution for disputes involving limited amounts of money.
  • Legal Representation: Participants always have the right to seek legal advice or representation if they feel it is necessary to address a dispute. Legal professionals can offer guidance on the best course of action based on Ohio law.
  • Arbitration and Mediation: Arbitration or mediation, as per Ohio legal practices, can be considered to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. These alternative dispute resolution methods involve a neutral third party assisting in finding a fair solution.
  • Compliance with Ohio Laws: Throughout the dispute resolution process, we ensure compliance with Ohio laws and regulations that pertain to consumer rights, contract law, and other relevant legal statutes.

Privacy and Data Usage: We value your privacy. Your personal data remains private and won’t be sold or shared. Our software manages bookings, payments, and operations securely. Marketing programs are used responsibly, and you can opt out. For more details, refer to our comprehensive Privacy Policy page.

Changes to the Terms of Service: We retain the right to modify or update these Terms of Service (TOS) at our discretion. Any alterations will be effective upon posting the updated TOS on our website. By continuing to use our services after any modifications, you acknowledge and agree to the revised terms.

Governing Law: These TOS are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio, USA. Any disputes arising from or related to these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the State of Ohio.

Severability: Should any provision of these TOS be deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected and fully operational.

Entire Agreement: These TOS constitute the entire agreement between you and Outrage Rage Room LLC regarding the subject matter herein. They supersede any prior or contemporaneous agreements, understandings, representations, or negotiations, whether oral or written.

Business Name: Outrage Rage Room LLC

State: Ohio

Software for Payment Processing: Fareharbor

Software for Issuing Services: Fairharbor

Fareharbor Privacy Policy: Policy and terms of service for Fareharbor are also available to read during checkout.

Contact Us:

Outrage Rage Room LLC

1464 S Water St.

Kent, Ohio 44240

Phone: 330-241-2273


Operating Hours:

  • Sunday & Tuesday: 12pm – 8pm
  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
  • Monday & Wednesday: Closed

For more details, please visit our Contact Page or review our Privacy Policy.

We look forward to assisting you at Outrage Rage Room LLC, where you can safely break objects in a controlled environment for a cathartic and stress-relieving experience.

(Last Updated: 8/11/23)

What are people saying?

Deanna J.

“Had a blast with my mom and sisters at the rage room today. The people who worked there were kind and helpful and made the experience go smoothly. It was fun getting to smash things and surprisingly more difficult than it looked! Thanks for a great birthday celebration event!”

Angel R.

“Had an AMAZING time!!!! Was a blast!!!! Great way to release stress…. Very friendly and awesome place and people…. Will definitely be back!!!! Can’t wait to bring the kiddos on the next trip…”

Jamie C.

“This was absolutely awesome. We did the smash and paint combo. Both activities were fun and we highly recommend it to anyone. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip. I never knew how amazing it would feel to destroy a liquor bottle with an aluminum bat, while listening to Judas Priest, until now!”

Kristin P.

“This place was so fun! Jan was fabulous! We had 5 girls for a friend’s birthday. We got a lot of rage out and had a lot of laughs. Definitely would recommend!”

Gianna J.

It was so much fun and very much needed! It was super affordable and the staff was awesome. I’ll definitely be back!”

Tannita P.

“We had a blast! This was our first time doing something like this and it was a great experience. We didnt have a playlist ready and the staff played music for us and the playlist was fire! Everyone was friendly was there if we needed anything at our 5 minute mark we still had alot of stuff to break it was well worth the price! Thank you guys for having us well be back soon”

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