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Frequently Asked Questions

Rage Room & Paint Splatter

Rage Room

What's a rage room?

A rage room is your ticket to smash-town! It’s a space where you can safely let loose and break things. Think of it as the ultimate stress-relief zone.

What can I break?

From TVs, printers, and random electronics to plates, cups, records, and VHS tapes – we’ve got your smashing desires covered. Just grab and go!

Any age restrictions?

For the rage room: 13-15-year-olds need an adult, 16-17-year-olds need parental consent, and 18+? Just walk in! For our splatter room, all ages are welcome.

What's the deal with paperwork?

Just a simple waiver and release form. Minors have a special one for parents to fill out. After that, it’s all about the rage.

Where can I find you guys?

We’re tucked away near downtown Kent in the University Plaza, right near Ace Hardware. Think of it as a pre-rage game of hide and seek!

Which tools can I use?

Bring out the inner destroyer in you with our bats, golf clubs, and hammers. Choose your smashing sidekick and get down to business.

Do I need to bring my own gear?

Nope! We’ve got you suited up in style. We provide a jacket (up to 5XL), helmet, mask, and gloves. Just remember to wear closed-toe shoes and pants that cover your ankles.

Can I bring my personal items into the room?

We’d advise against it. We’re not responsible for any damages. Plus, you’re here to break OUR stuff, right?

Any off-limits zones in the rage room?

Absolutely. Avoid the floor, ceiling, and undesignated walls. And no swinging or aiming at each other – it’s all in good fun!

Safety first, right?

100%! Always wear your safety gear inside the rage room. Any violation of our rules could lead to a chat or even session cancellation. Oh, and for your safety, we’ve got cameras rolling.

What if I need to cancel?

No worries! Just give us a 48-hour heads-up. If it’s shorter notice than that, check our refund policy. Cancel 48 hours ahead and you’re eligible for a refund. It’ll hit your original payment method in about 7-14 days. Any issues? Reach out to us.

Still got burning questions?

Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 330-241-2273. We’re here to help! Also visit our contact us page!

Paint Room

What's the Paint Splatter Room all about?

Unleash your inner artist! It’s a room where you can fling paint and create vibrant splattered masterpieces on your friends or the canvas.

What should I wear into the room?

Clothes that you won’t cry over if they get a splash or two. Remember, paint happens, and we’re not responsible for any fashion casualties. We do have people that come out very clean – or very MESSY. Please be mindful to not wear clothes that could get damaged.

Are there any age restrictions?

Everyone’s welcome! This is especially great for kids who cannot participate in the rage room!

Will the paint stain?

It can, yes! Hence, the advice on wearing clothes you don’t mind getting messy. Often most of the paint does come out on its own with some washing, but we never want you to ruin your favorite shirt.

Can I bring my own stuff to paint?

Absolutely! Bring in that dress, t-shirt, or pants and give them a one-of-a-kind splatter makeover.

Is there a limit on paint colors?

Your standard package comes with 4 vibrant colors. But who said you have to stick to just those? Refill options are available.

Can I go all out with the paint?

Of course, that’s the whole point! But do remember to stay safe and respect others in the room.

Is this a guided activity?

Nope! This is all about free expression. But our staff is around if you need some tips or guidance.

What if I want to make it a group activity?

The more, the merrier! Just make sure to book enough slots for everyone to join in the colorful chaos.

What's included in the package?

You’ll get a canvas, paint, 30 minutes of splatter time, and some cool tools to help you splatter away. We also offer optional ponchos, hair covers, and protective footwear.

What if I want more canvases or paint?

You’re in luck! Extra canvases range from $5 to $20. Need more colors for your masterpiece? It’s just $2.00 for a paint refill.

How long is each session?

Each Get Splattered session lasts a breezy 30 minutes. Trust us, it flies by when you’re having this much fun!

What are people saying?

Deanna J.

“Had a blast with my mom and sisters at the rage room today. The people who worked there were kind and helpful and made the experience go smoothly. It was fun getting to smash things and surprisingly more difficult than it looked! Thanks for a great birthday celebration event!”

Angel R.

“Had an AMAZING time!!!! Was a blast!!!! Great way to release stress…. Very friendly and awesome place and people…. Will definitely be back!!!! Can’t wait to bring the kiddos on the next trip…”

Jamie C.

“This was absolutely awesome. We did the smash and paint combo. Both activities were fun and we highly recommend it to anyone. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip. I never knew how amazing it would feel to destroy a liquor bottle with an aluminum bat, while listening to Judas Priest, until now!”

Kristin P.

“This place was so fun! Jan was fabulous! We had 5 girls for a friend’s birthday. We got a lot of rage out and had a lot of laughs. Definitely would recommend!”

Gianna J.

It was so much fun and very much needed! It was super affordable and the staff was awesome. I’ll definitely be back!”

Tannita P.

“We had a blast! This was our first time doing something like this and it was a great experience. We didnt have a playlist ready and the staff played music for us and the playlist was fire! Everyone was friendly was there if we needed anything at our 5 minute mark we still had alot of stuff to break it was well worth the price! Thank you guys for having us well be back soon”

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