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Outrage Rage Room: 
Unleash Fun, Release Stress!

I smashed because 

I smashed because

What’s a Rage Room?

A rage room (or a smash room) is a space to be able to smash and break things. Do the forbidden, the “what if” that you have always wanted to do to your grandma’s expensive plates! Come smash stuff with us! In our rage room we have bats, golf clubs, and hammers. We have items placed on the floor and table ready to break.

We’ve got a full room just for you and your guests. We suit you up and it’s game on. Tools? They’re right there on the wall. Get one and start smashing!

We have lots of destructible items such as TVs, printers, random electronics, and a variety of dishware including plates, cups, records, and VHS tapes. Grab a plate and give it a throw.


We compiled a list of the top questions people have when checking us out.

We strive to make the process as easy as possible. Take a look at our rules, FAQ, and packages. If you see something you like, book a time with us and come on in! 

Bring Your Own Playlist!

What is This?

A rage room, silly! You are allowed to use golf clubs, bats, and hammers to break glass, electronics, and much more. We have rooms where you can just let loose. Check out our paint splatter packages too.

What to Wear?

Rage: We provide a jacket (up to 5XL), helmet, mask, and gloves. Wear closed toe shoes, long pants that cover ankles – please do not bring pants with holes showing exposed skin. Paint: Wear clothes and shoes that may get stained or ruined – do not wear your favorite shirt to come see us!


When you come in, we will have you fill out a waiver and release form. If you are minor we have a separate waiver for parents fill out. After that, we just get you raging.

What Age?

Rage: 13, 14, & 15 yrs old must have an adult in the room. 16 & 17 must have signed parental consent form. 18+ just come on in! Paint: this is great for everyone, any age can do this.

Where are We?

We are located near downtown Kent inside of the University Plaza in Kent Ohio. Park in the plaza and come back into the plaza courtyard area located near Ace Hardware. Nothing like a little hide and go seek before a rage!


How to Book?

Take a look at our packages. Find the one that fits you and your group. Click book and choose a time slot. Come in at your assigned time and we will get you geared up and ready to go. Try to arrive 15 min early.

Cool, so what’s it cost?

These are the most commonly picked packages, we have other packages too. Additional items can be purchased for smashing.

Have a large group? See our packages, 7+ call us!

What are people saying?

Deanna J.
“Had a blast with my mom and sisters at the rage room today. The people who worked there were kind and helpful and made the experience go smoothly. It was fun getting to smash things and surprisingly more difficult than it looked! Thanks for a great birthday celebration event!”
Angel R.
“Had an AMAZING time!!!! Was a blast!!!! Great way to release stress…. Very friendly and awesome place and people…. Will definitely be back!!!! Can’t wait to bring the kiddos on the next trip…”
Jamie C.
“This was absolutely awesome. We did the smash and paint combo. Both activities were fun and we highly recommend it to anyone. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip. I never knew how amazing it would feel to destroy a liquor bottle with an aluminum bat, while listening to Judas Priest, until now!”
Kristin P.
“This place was so fun! Jan was fabulous! We had 5 girls for a friend’s birthday. We got a lot of rage out and had a lot of laughs. Definitely would recommend!”
Gianna J.
It was so much fun and very much needed! It was super affordable and the staff was awesome. I’ll definitely be back!”
Tannita P.
“We had a blast! This was our first time doing something like this and it was a great experience. We didnt have a playlist ready and the staff played music for us and the playlist was fire! Everyone was friendly was there if we needed anything at our 5 minute mark we still had alot of stuff to break it was well worth the price! Thank you guys for having us well be back soon”

Ready to get started?

Review our packages and see what fits best for you. Please call with any questions. Remember we do paint & rage!